Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid GoDaddy Problems

We have been experiencing A LOT of problems due to Godaddy not doing things properly. What happened was we canceled their service because it was unacceptable and went to another host, upon cancellation, they automatically redirected the DNS servers to a GoDaddy default parked page.

UPDATE: If you are still recieving a Parked page when you go to, do the following

1. Open Command prompt (cmd)
2. type: ipconfig /flushdns

This will clear the local DNS and let you see homepage once again.

Once again, we apologize for the downtime today.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WiiCade Flash Explained

At this point we can only assume the Opera browser will support Flash 7, with a very good possibility of Flah 8. So all you aspiring developers who are creating new content or porting some games over to be "Wii Compatible" know what you are dealing with. The safest bet would be to make it for Flash 7.

As for the uploading, right now we do require you to send it to us via email ( Soon in the future we will be implementing a system where you use 1 universal login and will be able to upload games hassel free. Untill the please bare with us!

Monday, November 20, 2006

WiiCade Forums

They are online and good to go! Have a couple sections for Game Development, Site News and General Banter. See you guys there.

What Wii Do

Some people have been asking what our site is, other than just a Flash game hosting site. Well in a nutshell we are trying to become the YouTube of gaming, so to speak. What sets us apart from the other Flash game hosts, is that we allow you to upload games at will (coming soon, for the time being just email your games to and you can make use of the Wii's fabulous WiiMote. You will be able to do that through the Opera Browser that is set to be released on the Wii sometime soon. So what we have is a system that allows any game enthusiast to create a game and take advantage of the WiiMote, through a very well known develpment tool, Flash.

As for the people wondering where the exclusive games are, we have decided to push those back to when the Opera Browser actually comes out. We should have 1 title for sure by then, with the possibility of another.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

16 000 Games played in under 24 hours

You read the title correctly, some 16 000 games have been played since WiiCades inception. I'm not sure how good that is, but lord knows Aaron John and I are jumping around like little girls after getting a new Barbie. Keep the good times rolling I suppose!

FYI - Internet Explorer and Bell Customers

So we've stumbled on a slight glitch in the system, because we have to change servers on Saturday, that required us to change the DNS setting. As such, Bell does not update their DNS tables until Mondays, and so if you have Bell Sympatico your probably experiencing some issues. This might be happening to a lot of different ISP's, so please be patient. Also we are currently aware that Internet Explorer and WiiCade do NOT play nice, thats because we needed to develop the site for Opera, and they are two very different rendering engines, as such we are working on a fix. is a GO

Hello, thought I'd make a blog to recount all the events that transpire for WiiCade, because there is a lot the happens behind the scenes. First off I'd like to introduce myself to you guys, as some of you know I am David Stubbs, the graphic designer and creator of WiiCade, John Eysman is our fantastic programmer and Aaron Worrall is our "Flash Liaison" and exclusive flash game designer. We created WiiCade to fill in the gap between home made games and console games, kinda making it easier for the little guy to be recognized. However much of the praise must go towards Nintendo who provided a fantastic platform for us to make this medium. We hope you guys enjoy our site, and any games you wish to submit, for the time being mail them to

WiiCade Team