Friday, March 9, 2007

Hi Sandbox!

About time eh? We have set up a sandbox where users can upload their games to test out before they go onto the main site. This is especially useful for testing WiiMote Functionality (API). When you are uploading a game, there is now an option to "Upload to Sandbox" and once you've done that, you can see your sandbox game in your Profile. Once you have uploaded a game, any subsequent game you upload will automatically overwrite the previous version.

Now go test!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Say Hello to NinjaKiwi and The Awful Show Software!

These two fab-u-lous developers have graced WiiCade with a couple of great games! First we have Tabuto, courtesy of NinjaKiwi. This is a game where you must try to collect a stream of little Tabuto? pieces that fall down, as the game progresses that pieces get smaller and fall down faster! Special thanks to him for converting to Flash 7 for us.

Second we have The Awful Show Software, who has given us not only one, but two great Simpson's themed games! First we have Yoink or No Yoink, which is a clone of deal or no deal, but with Simpson's characters! Great game for a quickie. Next we have a multiplayer game for up to 3 people called, Screw Your Neighbor. I'm not 100% sure on how to describe it so heres a snipet from the creator.

"After you select several options (including number of players (1 to 3), Wii skill level from 1 (easiest) to 4 (hardest), player characters (16 to choose from), and a question set (1 of 3 - each set contains a pool of 220 questions), you will go to the stage.

The first player will see a subject. It is up to them to choose which of the other players is least likely to answer a question based on that subject correctly. That player will be asked a question. After they provide their answer, the remaining player will have a chance to agree or disagree with that answer. The correct answer is then revealed.

Confused? Hope not. Here is how points are distributed. 3 points are awarded in each question. If the question answerer is correct, they get 2 points. If not, the initial player (the one who chose who has to answer the question) gets the 2 points. If the agreer/disagreer is correct, they get 1 point. If they are wrong, that point goes to the player who won the 2 points."

Hope that helps, and if your still reading this, stop and go play these great games, kuz I'm done for now.